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Delosperma Sun Diamonds

Introducing Sun Diamond, our latest release for 2023. This remarkable delosperma variety offers an abundance of flowers that adorn the plant from early spring to late autumn, ensuring a continuous display of beauty. Sun Diamond thrives in lower temperatures, making it suitable for cultivation in unheated greenhouses, making it an energy-saving crop. Not only that, but it also exhibits impressive heat resistance, allowing it to flourish even during scorching summers. With its compact and mounding shape, Sun Diamond adds a touch of elegance to any garden or landscape. Experience the joy of endless flowering with Sun Diamond and revel in its enduring charm throughout the seasons.

Key pointsMaintenance & useVarieties

Key points

  • Energy saving plants
  • Very high flower count
  • Very long flowering period
  • Don’t stop flowering in hot summer
  • Easy to grow
  • Tolerates heat, cold and drought

Maintenance & Use

Delosperma’s have to be planted in full sun. The type of soil is less important as long as the soil is very well drained.

Delosperma’s hate wet feet. Don’t spoil them too much. Remove dead flowers to stimulate new flowering. Delosperma’s are, of course, excellent in mixed containers, rock gardens, the perennial border and/or for green roofs.