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June 27, 2023

Desert Dancers won Silver at HTA National Plant Show in UK

Pre introduction in UK. Even without flowers it won SILVER!
May 22, 2014

Delosperma Wheels of Wonder at Sydney 2014

We won  a Silver Award for the Wheels of Wonder at GES – Green Expo Sydney.
September 14, 2012

Alternanthera porrigens Sennichikosuzu New at Floriade 2012

Alternanthera porrigens ¨sennichilosuzu NEW¨ wins prize at Floriade 2012!!
August 28, 2012

Delosperma Jewel of Desert Garnet and Ruby at Plantarium 2012

Garnet and Ruby of “Jewel of Desert” (Delosperma) have won first prizes at Plantarium 2012!