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African habitat survey

Welcome to this photo album showcasing the captivating world of Delosperma, commonly known as ice plants.

While the genus Delosperma is native to southern Africa, it is distributed across various habitats in the region. Conducting a comprehensive African habitat survey of Delosperma would involve exploring different countries and regions to document the species’ occurrence and study its ecological preferences.

To conduct a thorough African habitat survey of Delosperma, we would need to explore the various countries where these plants are found, document their occurrence in different habitats, and gather data on their ecological preferences, population dynamics, and interactions with other species. Field surveys, herbarium studies, and ecological monitoring would be important tools in such research efforts. It is worth noting that Delosperma species can exhibit variations in their habitat preferences and adaptations, so a comprehensive survey would require studying multiple species within the genus.

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African habitat survey

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