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About Breeding

We started the breeding of Delosperma 25 years ago in Japan. Koichiro was working for extensive rooftop gardening, but there were no abundant varieties that were suitable. He found that Delosperma has a big potential for future, but, back then, there was only one violet flowers variety on the market. Fortunately, he succeeded to make Jewel of Desert series, which currently contains 11 colors.

After few years working in Japan, Koichiro visited Ecuador for a research project. He found the country is the dream country for breeding work: there are no four seasons and the ideal temperature is kept all year round. So we can do crossing and seedling 3 times more than Japan. We decided to move to Ecuador in 2007.

After ten years working in Ecuador, we decided to move to the Netherlands. From 2021, we also started breeding work in Italy. We can select wet winter tolerant varieties in The Netherlands, and heat tolerant varieties in Italy. Due to the climate change in the world, we need more heat tolerant, hardy, and drought tolerant varieties to green the world!

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What is Delosperma

Delosperma grows in a range of different climate zones from southern and eastern Africa to the Arabian peninsula.

It has a long flowering period, cold and heat resistance, and drought tolerance. Due to the reasons, heating and irrigation costs can be greatly reduced during cultivation.

It requires less energy, is bee friendly, and has a low environmental impact.

The wild species have short term flowering period, Koichiro took a lot of years to improve it. Thanks to his effort, Delosperma have a long term flowering period now.

African habitat survey of Delosperma

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